Many people do not have the slightest clue of what search engines are looking for, and for that reason, many do not know how you can design a site in a way that will attract your customers, visitors and search engines such as Bing and Google. It is good to make custom web design Toronto.


So, how can Search Engine Optimization help your web presence become more lucrative? The main aim of Search Engine Organization is not to game or cheat the search engines. In contrary, it is aimed at creating a great user experience and communicate with search engines about your intentions, so that the search engines can recommend your site to relevant searches.



Treat your website like a cake

Social media accounts, paid search as well as your links act as icing. However, your information architecture, your content and content management system act as sugar, and all these ingredients make the cake. Without such crucial ingredients, your cakes will not taste great and you will eventually throw it in the trash.

Know what search engines want

Search engines are very smart and all they want is to do their job with utmost accuracy by referring users to content and sites that are relevant to their keywords or rather what they are looking for.

Here is how search engines determine your site’s relevance

  • Quality

Does your website have high quality content, do other sites use your content or can you link your content to other sites.

  • User experience

How does your website look? Is it complicated or easy to navigate through? Does it have a high bounce rate and is it safe.

  • Content

These is usually determined by the topic that is given, the titles and descriptions as well as the text on the page.

  • Performance

Does your website function properly and is it fast